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Army Bases In Georgia

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Georgia is home to some military installations serving various U.S. Armed Forces branches. Here are some noteworthy Army bases in Georgia:

  1. Fort Benning: Located near Columbus, Fort Benning is one of the largest Army bases worldwide and serves as a training center for Infantry and Armor forces.
  2. Fort Stewart: Found near Hinesville, this base is known as the “tip of the spear” due to its rapid deployment capability.
  3. Hunter Army Airfield: This airfield supports Fort Stewart’s airborne units with its long runway, allowing for heavy cargo drops or troop movements on short notice.
  4. Fort Gordon: Near Augusta, this installation houses the Cyber Center of Excellence, which trains cyber warfare specialists.
  5. Gillem Enclave (formerly Fort Gillem): Situated in the Forest Park area, it primarily functions as a logistics hub now but was once an essential part of Atlanta’s defense during World War II
  6. Lawson Army Airfield: Partly inside Fort Benning grounds, it operates independently, supporting several units across multiple branches.

Each base has unique attributes that contribute significantly to national security and the local economy through jobs and commerce generated by their presence.

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