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Army Recruitment Shortage For 2023

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As we approach 2023, military recruitment shortage goals for the Army are becoming a pressing concern for the United States.

The challenges faced by the Army’s recruitment goals have sparked discussions on potential solutions and changes to existing policies. In this blog post, we will delve into the current state of military recruiting shortages and the factors contributing to these challenges.

The US Army is confronted with a grave enlistment predicament in 2023, necessitating an urgent response.

But first, let’s understand the problem at hand:

  • The Army Recruiting Command has missed its recruiting goals for the past few years.
  • The recruiting process has become more challenging due to the limited pool of prospective recruits.
  • The military branches are competing with each other to attract potential recruits.
  • Military families are less likely to encourage their children to join the military due to the risks involved.

It’s high time to act to tackle the present recruitment issue, which has been caused by a variety of factors.

The Recruiting Goals for 2023

The military has set a recruiting goal of 500,000 recruits for 2023. The aim of recruiting for 2023 is substantially greater than the preceding year’s objective of 400,000.

The Army, in particular, has set a recruiting target of 68,000 new soldiers for 2023. Army Secretary Christine Wormuth has acknowledged the challenges of meeting this goal but remains optimistic about the future.

The military has implemented the Future Soldier Preparatory Program to help potential recruits prepare for basic training and boot camp. This initiative seeks to enhance the rate of success among recruits by ensuring they are adequately prepared for basic training and beyond.

The program includes physical training, mental preparation, and education on military life. Noncommissioned officers play a crucial role in this program, providing guidance and support to potential recruits.

The Importance of National Security

The recruitment crisis is a threat to both the military and national security. Maintaining our nation’s security depends on having an all-volunteer force, and addressing the recruiting crisis is essential to ensuring this.

It’s time to address the recruiting crisis and ensure that we have the necessary number of recruits to protect our country.

Are you a potential recruit or a military recruiter? Let us know your thoughts on the current recruiting crisis in the comments below.


The overall US military recruiting goal varies each year depending on factors such as force size requirements, budget constraints, and national security priorities. Generally speaking, all branches aim to recruit highly capable individuals with diverse backgrounds who can fulfill critical roles across different areas of expertise.  Military recruitment struggles stem from multiple factors including low propensity among young people due to fear of injury or death; medical and mental health barriers; changing societal attitudes toward marijuana use; sexual harassment scandals impacting female enlistment rates; retention issues exacerbating shortages; and outdated views on mental health treatments.

As we look towards the military recruiting shortage goals of 2023, it’s clear that there are a number of challenges facing recruiters and potential recruits alike. From changing societal attitudes towards marijuana use to the impact of COVID-related disruptions on education, there are many factors contributing to this ongoing problem.