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History of the US Army Flag

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Have you ever wondered more about the history of the US Army Flag and what it stands for and truly represents? Then you’re in the right place to learn more and gather some useful insights that you can take with you. We’ll also touch a bit more on the US Army Field Flag and more detail about its appearance as well. 

History of the US Army Flag

This specific flag and image were newly adopted on Flag Day which was revealed on June 14, 1956. It also happened to be the 181st anniversary of the US army and when the public unveiling of the flag occurred. The Secretary of the US Army, Wilbur M. Brucker did the honors. Before 1956, there was no official flag that acted to represent the entire service and the Army was the only service that didn’t have a flag to represent it. 

The Appearance of the Flag

As you can see the flag is made of silk with an all-white background. The image in the middle is an embroidered replica of the official seal of the Department of the Army. The seal is the color ultramarine blue and does not have roman numerals. 

You’ll also notice a red scroll that states United States Army along with the year 1775 printed below it in blue text. This is there because it’s the year the army was founded. It was founded by the action of the Continental Congress on June 14, 1775. 

What it Means & Stands for

The colors are an important part and aspect of the US Army Flag. For example, each color represents something important and is there and chosen for a good reason. 

  • Blue: Stands for or symbolizes loyalty, vigilance, truth, and perseverance
  • Red: The red is present to denote courage, fortitude, and zeal
  • White: Represents deeds worthy of remembrance
  • Black: This color is here to denote constancy and determination

Most importantly, the US Army Flag exists and is designed as it is today to represent dignity and honor, which our troops certainly earn and deserve. 

The Streamers

Another important aspect or element that is worth highlighting is the streamers on the flag. The US Army Flag contains all the streamers that are there and incorporated just so to represent all the Army’s campaigns all the way from inception. If and when the flag is not being physically carried, then the Yorktown streamer must be front and center and prominently displayed at all times. 

US Army Field Flag

Next in 1962, the US Army Field Flag came into play and was officially released. It’s very similar to the US Army Flag, however, there are some differences between the two to be aware of. For example, the Army Field Flag is smaller in size compared to the US Army Flag. The steamers are also not authorized. As far as the colors go, the background is blue and the seal and the year 1775 are white. Also, the scroll is white instead while the text United States Army is written in scarlet.